Saturday, November 1, 2014

IS CKD-MBD a syndrome?


Is it a syndrome? An article in NDT addresses this entity as a possible syndrome in CKD
When one looks at nephrotic syndrome or metabolic syndrome, those entities usually fulfill the criteria for calling it a “syndrome” as most patients would fit that criteria and prognosis and treatment would be resulted.  In CKD-MBD, this article argues against it being a potential syndrome in CKD but perhaps might be.  CKD-MBD represents a synopsis of three closely related disease conditions: laboratory abnormalities indicative of disturbed bone and mineral metabolism; renal osteodystrophy summarizing the variety of bone lesion subtypes occurring in CKD; cardiovascular disease representing accelerated arteriosclerosis, left ventricular hypertrophy and a variety of additional pathologies in the vasculature and the heart in patients with CKD.
But do all patients with CKD have all the bone parameters abnormal; and if they do, what is the CVD risk and prognosis?  But it’s worth some thought of this potentially being a syndrome.

Have a look at the full paper.
A workshop is being held in Europe to further define this

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